Ian (ringbark) wrote,

21st June, the afternoon

But first, the rest of the week.
As far as the work at the Bank was concerned, it was fairly straightforward. As for the rumours and speculation, something else.
Tuesday 3:30am (Monday 4:30pm in London) saw the announcement I posted which confirmed months of rumours that LTSB were considering something. There's still no word beyond that, so anything I write here is a personal view. Though I think I'll put that in a different item.
Tuesday night was Parish Vestry, after a lunchtime BAINZ committee meeting. I wrote a paper on possible web hosting strategies for us. Anyone who is interested in 10MB of webhosting for £7 a month with unlimited email addresses should get in touch. (Is that a good price in England? It's the best you'll find here.)
The rest of the week drifted by, as they do, with various amount of food, drink, computing, going from point A to point B and back again.
It's been the sort of week where I haven't cared to write much in the LJ, but I have got round to it now. It's been like that.
I've just been to the Synod Regional meeting, an advance to the Diocesan Synod in September. The rest of the family are reading OoTP which they bought this morning. Two copies doesn't seem to be enough for the four of them, five if you include me.
Party tonight. Andrew and Raewyn's 25th wedding anniversary.
That's enough to give you a quick catch up.
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