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Matthew's birthday

The start of the birthday season. Matthew is twelve today, so we have to start paying full fare for any flights he takes.
He was reading from the book of Job in church this morning. While he was practising reading, we found he needed to know to say the name. Otherwise fine. Andrew R provided the usual Sunday soup. Today there was a choice of vegetable soup or a lentil concoction which he promised would bite back. it did.
It was a pleasure that he was able to do this after having been out late the night before celebrating his (and Raewyn's of course) silver wedding anniversary. It had been a good night, with "Kick" providing the music. Also pleasant was the food there, including a Kashmir (with banana curry.
Breakfast today and tea time were both golden arch features, which may say something about Matthew, or possibly about me.
In the afternoon, we went to Naenae swimming pool with some of his friends. This was fine. Naenae is a suburb maybe five miles south. It's also interesting, because lots of people talk about the software called Oracle 9i, which can often be mistaken for the suburb. I don't think thee's any connection between the two.
Just now, we're winding down the party as Viv is reading OOTP, as is David, while Matthew and Mark are playing chess and Christopher and Mason are playing one of the RPG trading card games, not sure which one. As for me, I'm just typing some more LJ stuff as a partial attempt to catch up on the weekend.
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