Ian (ringbark) wrote,

So the rest of the day wasn't quite to plan. David and Matthew accompanied me to the church leaders meeting because Frances wasn't available to look after them, but that's fine: they played in the room next to the office, read books, played games and watched another Veggie Tales video while the leaders continued looking at the future mission and direction of our church.

I was reluctant to inflict this on the boys, but I really did have to attend this. Next was fish and chips - it was hard to get the cats out of the house for long enough to eat it. After that, a game of Risk, a couple of scoops of ice cream, bath, bed...

I spent a while doing things on the computer and time drifted by until it was too late. Meanwhile, Viv's flight started out on the long trip to Auckland, where it has apparently just landed, 131 minutes late. So it's time to eat breakfast, get dressed, shower, go to the airport, again not in that order. The key question is: can Viv and Chris get off the plane, clear immigration and customs, pick up baggage, check baggage, transfer terminals and get on the Wellington flight in 59 minutes? My guess is no, but we'll just have to assume they did unless I hear otherwise.
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