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Are you ready for the weekend?

Friday evening was indeed pretty quiet. Saturday was bitterly cold, as promised, with southerly winds and rain and hail. Those of you who live in the northern hemisphere should note that a southerly is not a warm wind for us: it is one that blows straight from Antarctica. There is nothing but freezing ocean between Antarctica and Wellington, so a southerly is neverly welcome, not even in summer.
After lunch, it was still raining solidly, but we ventured out to the Warehouse to buy some bits and pieces. After that, rather than going home, which we should have done, we headed off to the foothills of the Rimutakas, to see whether there was any accessible snow. There was some. So the boys investigated it in the way that you might expect and then we all went back home. I didn't do much except play netgammon badly.
I rose this morning to a slightly warmer day. Attendance at church was well down, which meant that people didn't hear a sermon about St Paul or a drama about a prophet being without honour in his own country.
Viv was dropped home to tidy up the room for the light party this afternoon, while the rest of us left her to it. It's easier that way, of course, even for her.
We returned soon after and then one of David's friends joined us for the cinema trip to see Sinbad. Don't bother, it's trite in the extreme. Pizza followed, with chess and backgammon to follow. Then the evening unwound. Not much happening here. Nothing ever does.
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