Spring is coming?

I'm sure that the day is already a little lighter in the mornings. A couple of fairly quiet days recently. I see that the January "ask me anything" is in full swing, so I will join in. If nothing else, it will give me a topic for a couple of paragraphs each morning. Yes, any topic you fancy, and no "one per person" restrictions. Off you go - play fair!

Football results

I know that a great many of the readers here don't really care about football, but just occasionally it is time to write a few words. To be honest, I'm not sure where my interest in football starts sand stops, and where it is just the experience of the spectacle and the travel. Certainly watching a game of 90 minutes makes for a better travel experience than it would if I followed cricket overseas. Five days following my team and no time to visit the surrounding city? No, thanks.
Anyway, the results from the weekend. Good reading for me, as liverpool and Everton both won. The shock of the FA Cup 3rd Round (the first round with the big name teams) was the loss by Manchester United at home to Swansea. I haven't found anyone yet who was disappointed by this, as there's no love lost between the two cities so far as the game is concerned. The other surprise at the weekend was the five-nil victory of Nottingham Forest over West Ham. I remember Forest's glory days, now long gone but perhaps about to return.

It was 30 years ago today

Thirty years ago today, I put on my best suit and set off for an interview for a graduate role in London. As it happened, I didn't get the job. I went home that evening and went to the eighteenth birthday party of a girl from our church who I knew a bit, at least partly because I was interested to know why I had been invited. Part of the answer appeared to be "to balance up the numbers of boys and girls". I happened to get talking to one of her friends as the evening continued. Just over two years later, we were engaged.
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Well, it's time for another good morning. The journey to work seems shorter than it did before I was cyberslacking to this extent on board the train. Another welcome change is that once I get home, I have freed up some of the time I would otherwise have wasted, so I can waste it in different ways. Or catch up with admin tasks - chasing loyalty schemes for missing points, raising invoices, completing VAT returns, that sort of thing. And just one day of work and then it's the weekend again!

Happy New Year

Yesterday, a lot of people seemed to be posting retrospectives of 2013, which did not seem to have been a good year for many. I hope that you find 2014 than its predecessor.
Yesterday, after a slow start, we managed to have lunch as a family, watch some of one of the games and then play a board game. Mine a million, in fact, popular but a little too long unfortunately. Then the evening came, less well struck turned, but still containing two episodes of Yes, Minister, which I received for Christmas. People following live television seemed to be watching Sherlock; the blogosphere in general seemed unimpressed.
Now, here I am, returning to work on the first working day of the year, seeing what surprises are in store for me. The trains are a bit busier today, but still very quiet.

New Year's Eve

It is the last day of the year, a year in which I have gained around eight pounds. This is possibly because of the civilised habit of breakfast on a train, or it may be to do with the fact that my office is very close to a Burger King, a Subway, a Krispy Kreme and a Gregg's, as well as Tesco, a M&S and several others. Also the people at work are happy to share and celebrate many achievements, whether successes at work or simply birthdays and anniversaries.
But certainly I must bear the responsibility for what I eat. My own serious bread habit is also notable. Let's see if I can do better in 2014.

Did you miss me?

It has apparently been a long time... More than eleven months.
I got a shiny new Sony tablet for Christmas, and it is time to try it out. This is in fact already the largest body of text I have typed on it.
It has, broadly speaking, been a good year. There have been trips to Brazil, Italy and Ukraine, though you might find Facebook a more promising place to read the details - and Viv's Facebook more promising still.
So this morning, here I am, one more commuting on a train, stuck on the slow direct train to Manchester because my usual trains are not both running. Never mind.
I certainly don't promise to write here regularly. But if I do, I hope that it will more than travel and weather. More liberal readers may want to look away now. Have fun.

25 years

On Sunday, I celebrated 25 years as a Reader in the Anglican Church. In January 1988, on a cold night in Birmingham, +Mark admitted me as a Reader and licensed me to the Parish of St Giles, Sheldon, in the Diocese of Birmingham and the Province of Canterbury. Since then, I have served as Reader at St James, Mahora in the Diocese of Waiapu and in the province of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia and most recently at St Andrew, Bebington, in the Diocese of Chester and the Province of York.
It has been a privilege to do this, and I hope to continue for most if not all of the next 25 years. If anyone reading this does not understand what it means, broadly a Reader can do most of the things a vicar can do, except for communion, weddings and pronouncing the Absolution, a particular prayer. But to continue for anything for 25 years is apparently an achievement these days. I am pleased to have done so, and also pleased to have had the support of my wife Viv for all that time too.

You need hands

A man in Leeds has just had a hand transplant. This is a truly remarkable achievement for the surgeons concerned and will make his life far better. Nothing in what follows detracts from my admiration for this triumph of medical science.

But what of word play that is possible?

Leeds man visits second hand hospital.
Leeds man gets second hand hand.
A big hand for the surgeon.
You have to hand it to him.
Thumbs up after successful operation.

Any more for any more?