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C'est dur de mourir au printemps tu sais

Mais je pars aux fleurs la paix dans l'âme

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30 June 1961
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I was born in Liverpool in 1961.

I lived in England until 1990 and now live there again (Bebington 1961-1979, 1980-1983, 2005-present, Oxford 1979-1980, Birmingham 1984-1990) in Vanuatu from 1990 to 1993 and most recently lived in New Zealand (Hastings 1993-1997, Auckland 1998, Wellington 1999-2005).

Until recently, I spent my time working in Credit Risk for the largest bank in New Zealand. Some of the rest of my time is spent at church, some of it at Toastmasters, some of it at the Australasian Institute of Banking and Finance, some of it at home with Viv, David, Matthew and Christopher and far too much time spent in front of a computer reading pages beginning http://www.livejournal.com/

And we arrived back in England on 7th July, 2005 possibly not the best day to do so.

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God is Faithful.

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Ian and Viv
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Contacting me: If you are a LJ user, you can contact me by commenting on any entry or by sending me a message by phone using the text message feature above. This used to be open to everyone, but like everything else on the web, it's been overrun by spam. If you urgently need to get a message to me by SMS, you need either to know my number already or sign up for an LJ account - free, easy.

Still, respondiing to all the spam I received has paid enormous dividends. Thanks to cunning Nigerian accountants and lawyers, I'm now a multi-billionaire, while medical experts have enabled me to have a penis 73 metres long.

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